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overnight in west bloomfield, michigan... about 30 minutes north of detroit. police also say the suupected inside a home... where he's currently in a standoff with law enforcement.the officer's name has not been released, but officials say he was responding to reports of gunfire at the home when the suspect started shooting.the officer was hit multiple times and died at the hospital.he is said to be a 12-year veteran of the west bloomfield police department and married with four kids. a fiery bus accident in glen burnie... remains under investigation, this morning. morning.it happened late saturday night... on 8th around the turn... and lost control...smashing into the number 14 bus.the car was dragged 40 feet ... and then caught on fire. nicole didio, bus accident victim: 6.36.40 "the bus just to stop and, all of a sudden, everybody just flew forward." nicole didio, bus accident victim: 6.38.01 "a couple minutes later, there was just smooe surrounding the whole area."christine medford, accident victim's mother: 6.34.55 "you could tell that it was burned. and, you could smell it." it."the
night... near a hospital in st detroit.some of the contents were found in a nearby abandoned house.the rest appear to be leet inside the &ptruck.police are now using to try to identify the suspect.- the republicans had áclint democrats are alling for ábetty whiteá. the web site áchange-dot-orgá has launched a petition to get the golden girl to appear at the week's democratic national onvention pn north carolina. eastwood's last week... after he eadlines inttrviewed an áinvisibleá president obama.now... the petition is calling for quote - a "real hollywood icon to get a political introduction right."but white...who endorsed obamaain may... likely won't be available to appear because of scheduling conflicts. coming up... a deer... crrshes one faaily's swimming pooll &ppool.how long it got stuck there... and the device that had to be mmde... to pull it out. you're &ppatching fox 45 go 3 while supporring a good cause. causs.emily gracey is live in pikesvilll...for this mornings be going on at the -- what will carnival this weekend?- how us somethiigs you can do at the carnival
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2